High School Photography Session: Ashten at Osage Hills Park

High School Senior Photography Session

I had the opportunity to photograph a high school senior at Osage Hills State Park recently. This location had particular fond memories for her and so we put in the extra effort to accommodate her. We had a wonderful time there and got some really nice photographs.

High School Senior Photography
Ashten at Osage Hills Park

It is so much fun working with young people. Their enthusiasm and light hearted spirit is contagious and so nice to be around. I have known Ashten and her mother for a few years and we enjoy the time we can spend together.

There are so many times when a person has a special place and when we are able to make that special place even more special by making memories there, it is something that will encourage them and relive those fun times every time they look at that photograph hanging on the wall.

Print Your Photographs

In our digital society, all too often people will make a digital image and put it on their phone. That is okay, except it will rarely ever be seen again. I read recently that the average person has  over 3000 images on their cell phone. WOW! How often do they get viewed? I believe it is better to have important moments capture and printed

high school senior photography
Ashten at Osage Hills Park

and placed where they can be seen. A child sees their photograph hanging on the wall and it is a constant reminder of their value as a family member. A relative such as a grandparent has their photograph hanging on the wall and it gives opportunity for family members to ask about and learn about the history of the family.

High School Senior Photography
Ashten at Osage Hills Park


Printed pictures are often overlooked as a source of curiosity and knowledge. I have fond memories of looking through photo albums and my mother telling me about people and events I saw there.

Digital Images are Temporary

Statistics show that a staggering 53% of consumers have not printed a photo in more than 12 months, 70% don’t have photo albums, and 42% no longer print photos at all.

The Professional Photographers of America  (PPA) realize that there is value in printed photographs. To see why a printed photograph is important. Watch this short video here.  To book Steve Russell Photography for your high school senior to have a memorable experience, call Steve Russell at 918-760-0402.