Telling the Story with Portrait Photography

Carly II-016

I recently had opportunity to do a portrait photography session with  a precious three year old. It was a delight to meet her, play with her a while, and then capture her personality through the images.

Children grow so fast; if you don’t capture portraits of them throughout their childhood, you will miss many memories. It is not just major events that are important, but the everyday activities also.

I have fond memories of sitting with a photo album and sharing the memories that each picture brought back to one of us. It is amazing how differently other people will remember the same event. Of course, something that happened 25 years ago may be easy to laugh at now; perhaps it was not as funny at the time.

My Dad took movies of the family when I was young. Movies of Christmases, birthdays, skiing at the lake, and some others. Fortunately, my sister was able to transfer the movies from the 8mm film to VCR tape. Now is time to transfer them to DVD before it is too late. Technology is wonderful, but quickly gets outdated. Do you have digital pictures that you can no longer access because the technology you used to save them is no longer available? The advantage of professionally printed pictures is the printed picture does not get out of date. Barring a tragedy such as fire or flood, they will be available through many generations.

Take the time to preserve your memories. If you need to transfer them to modern digital media, do so now while you are still able. If you have albums, keep them dry and in a conditioned space. (The attic is not a comfortable location for photographs.) If possible, scan the photographs and keep a digital copy also. Most of all, share the joy of your memories with your family and friends by looking through your old photo albums with them.