Saturday at Woolaroc and Cowboy Action Shooting

  • Visit to Woolaroc museum

I recently took the opportunity to take one of my grandsons to Woolaroc Museum. While on the Woolaroc grounds, we stopped at the SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) Cowboy Action Shoot. This is an annual event where people from all over come to compete This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SASS-Selected-Images-06.jpg

with period authentic firearms and dress in authentic dress of the old west.

These are some of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. They are willing and anxious to answer questions about their sport and their love for the ‘old ways’. Most have reproduction firearms as the originals are too valuable to shoot; although I did see a few Model 97 shotguns while there.

Irish Kid with rifle, Model 97 shotgun, and dual pistols
  • A Historical Locale

Woolaroc is an interesting place to spend an afternoon. It was the ranch and resort of Frank Phillips of Phillips 66 gasoline fame. In his museum is a wide range of interesting items. From early period pottery and artifacts to artwork to the airplane that won the Dole Air Race to Hawaii in 1927, The Woolaroc,  and much more is available for viewing. On the drive in and out you can also see many exotic animals. Wild Bison (buffalo, to you locals), various species of deer, eland, elk, and many other species of animals can be viewed from the safety of your vehicle.

  • Located in North East Oklahoma

Woolaroc Museum is located a few miles south of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. It is easy to get there and offers the museum, petting zoo, a theatre with films about the history of the area, and picnic grounds that can be rented for large parties. There is also a snack bar on the grounds where you can get Bar-B-Que, burgers, drinks and similar lunch type foods.

If you live in the Northeast Oklahoma area, or plan to travel to the area, plan on a morning or afternoon to visit Woolaroc. You won’t be disappointed. When I go, I normally take a picnic lunch and eat under one of the many shade trees. A walk through the museum can work up quite an appetite. While I have been there many times, I feel I have still not seen all that Woolaroc has to offer.