Macro-photography; What is it?

When I tell someone that I enjoy macro-photography, I usually get one of several responses. If they are an enthusiast, you immediately know it and begin to discuss techniques. This is a rarity.

Usually, I will get a blank look followed by the question “What is that?” In order to answer this question, I have shown a comparison of two photographs of the same flower. This is the flower of the Chickweed plant. Commonly referred to as a ‘weed’.





You can see the intricate beauty of the flower. (Click to enlarge)



Here is the SAME flower shown on the head of a penny. As you can see, it is small. This is why I love macro-photography.


When I consider the vastness of the known universe with all of it’s galaxies and constellations and consider the beauty we see in the photographs from space, then look at the detail in such a tiny flower in our own yards, I am overwhelmed by the God who considers all the minute details of something so small and the massive details of a universe so large. This is the same God who knows you, loves you, and cares for you. He cares for your details as much as those of the flowers and the rest of the universe.