Missing Mayfest

Carolina Geranium flower

I had an opportunity to go out to Mayfest and The Blue Dome festival today, but decided to stay around home and do a few things in the house and yard.


Black Medic flower
Black Medic blossom

I took my camera out for a little while and took some pictures of some wildflower growing in the yard.




These tiny flowers  are rarely seen because of their small size.

To see more, click on the macro-photography link under photographs.

New Macro Photographs

Tahlequah Published-1
Early morning sunlight highlights the dewdrops on these tiny flowers

While waiting for a training class to start this past weekend, I decided to take my camera to a nearby creek and spend the time shooting pictures. Here are a few of the new shots. You may go to the Macro page to see them all.Tahlequah Published-2






There was a heavy dew that morning, and several pictures show the sunlight that was  just coming over the hill reflecting in the drops.